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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Join the Fun Tonight


Tonight is the night! This is our chance to be together via FB Live from 8:00-8:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.  It won’t be the same without you, so follow your FOMO and make plans to join us! Here’s what we’ll be doing:

  • You can ask any question you’ve ever had about speaking ministry.
  • I’ll cover as many questions as I can in 30 minutes.
  • Some time between 8:00-8:30, I’ll be doing a giveaway for a FREE 30-MINUTE COACHING CALL. You have to be present and have commented to win!

Not sure about how participate? It’s easy. Here are some instructions:

  • Go to the Next Step Speaker Services Facebook page ( and follow us.
  • On Tuesday, January 24th at 8:00 pm Eastern Time, go to the page, and I’ll be there. Easy peasy! Note: I won’t be able to help with tech glitches but here are a few to try if you can’t see me or hear me…
    • Make sure to restart your computer before 8:00 and make sure you have a good internet connection.
    • Click on the video if you don’t have any audio.
    • Log out of FB. Log back in, and try again.
  • Have your questions ready to type into the comments. I’ll have someone helping me on my end so that I can answer as many as possible.
  • You can type questions and responses into the comments which creates a live conversation where you take part.
  • You can click “thumbs up”, hearts or the other reactions FB gives. I have to tell you that hearts floating by thrills my heart!
  • I’ll answer as many questions as possible in our 30 minutes together. Any that go unaddressed will be future blog posts.
  • Everyone who leaves a comment live that night will be entered into a fun giveaway! You must be present live to win.

If you can’t participate live:

  • When I finish the video, it will be posted to the page permanently. You can go to the page latter to watch.
  • You can submit your questions to me ahead of time by emailing it to me at Questions submitted live will be prioritized, but I’ll get to as many as I possibly can. Any that go unaddressed will be future blog posts.

Will I see you tonight? Can’t wait to be with you! (Hey… and I’d love for you to share it up with you speaker friends too. Let’s make this a real party!)


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