Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A New Start in a New Year

When Amy invited me to join her in Next Step Speaker Services, it made sense. Writing and speaking often go hand in hand. Besides, I love Amy Carroll, so getting to work with her in any capacity was a blessing.

In the past 18 months I had an awesome privilege to work one-on-one with several of you. I have celebrated as some of you secured agents with a tightly written proposal, and jumped up and down with happiness as some of your proposals and book ideas went on to committee at a publishing house.

Watching writers find their niche and hone their craft makes this girl happy.

Just recently I sneaked back to take a peek at one writer’s blog. When we first started working together, she didn’t know who she was. Sounds funny, right? Yet there was this little part of her that she thought nobody would love. As we worked together, she discovered that the parts she had been hiding were the parts her readers loved the best. She developed her tag line. Her blog. Eventually she created other outlets using social media, and I couldn’t be prouder of her because by finding her niche, she found her voice. One day that will lead to books and articles and columns.

Sadly, though I have loved it, I’m stepping away from Next Step Speaker Services. I simply had to put something down. I’m marketing a book that came out in 2013, and am in the beginning stages of marketing my next book to be released in 2014. I also begin a small role in Compel Training with Proverbs 31 Ministries (www.compeltraining.com) in 2014. Pile on top of that radio, article deadlines, and 5 adorable little grandbabies under the age of 3, and you see the picture. Sometimes as writers, knowing what to keep and what to put down is integral. I will miss Amy. I will miss you. I loved this season of working for Next Step.

Come see me at my website or give me a hug at She Speaks this year, where I’ll be teaching classes in the writing track. I’ll sneak over to the blog from time to time just to spy on you, and quietly celebrate as you run after your ministry dreams.

Suzie Eller


I’m going to miss having Suzie here with us, but I’m excited about her new ventures! If you’ve been impacted by Suzie’s ministry here, please take a few minutes to thank her for investment at Next Step.

Although Next Step will no longer be offering services for writers, make sure to follow Suzie to Compel, Proverbs 31 Ministries’ new training program for writers. I’m a subscriber, and I can personally testify that it’s FABULOUS! Take a few minutes to check it out today by clicking here. There will be some new things for speakers coming this year from Next Step, so make sure to keep joining us here too.

Also, if you haven’t joined Next Step on Facebook or Twitter, now is a great time. This week there will be daily ideas for growing your speaking ministry in 2014. Happy New Year, ya’ll!


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  1. Best wishes to you Suzie. I never had the blessing of working with you via NSSS but I enjoyed meeting you at the NSSS breakfast at SheSpeaks this past summer. I look forward to learning from you through Compel.

  2. Good luck Suzie! We will miss you, and I am sorry I never got to personally work with you regarding my writing projects. Just can’t do everything (as I know so very well myself!).

    Therefore, we must… go with God’s plans. His are the best!

    Wishing you many blessings, Barb

  3. Praying for God’s richest blessing in your life Suzie! Thank you for being such an encourager. It would be a sweet blessing to meet up with you in person some day. An update on my book “The Mother Gap”: it is due out in the next couple months!
    Blessings to you and yours always~
    Jessica Errico

  4. Susan Douglas says:

    Suzie, I don’t have enough words to express my thankfulness for the wonderful Mentor, Encourager, and Sister in Christ you have been to me on my journey with my devotional. You have a wonderful heart for God and His love pours out through you. Blessings as you go forward.
    In Joy – In Him, Susan

  5. The link for Suzie’s website isn’t viable, needs to have the % sign and 20 removed prior to www.
    Best wishes on continued success, Suzie.

  6. http://tsuzanneeller.com/ is her correct address.

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