Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rest and a Request

Happy summer to you, friends!

A few weeks ago as I sat down to write a Next Step blog post, I realized I was tired and feeling out of material. Instead of being discouraging, it occurred to me that it was a call to action. I need two things: rest and your input.

First, I’m taking the month of July to rest entirely from blogging and social media. But I’ll be back in August full of new vim and vigor! She Speaks is part of the July mix, so I’ll definitely come back to you inspired and full of new information.

Here’s what I’d love to ask of you … would you send me the speaker or ministry related questions that are plaguing you? I know being in speaking ministry can be very lonely. You may feel like no one around you understands your calling or what you do. You may not have a person in your life to turn to with questions, but you’ve got me! I’d love to answer your questions right here on the blog so everyone in our speaker community can benefit and share their own solutions. You can email your questions to me at amy@proverbs31.org or just leave them in the comments section of this post.

So until August, I’m signing off, but I hope you have a wonderful July full of the delights of summer…

  • Extra time with friends and family
  • Evening hours to sit outside
  • Watermelon!
  • Celebrating our great country
  • Toes dipped into the water
  • Concerts in the park
  • Drippy ice cream cones

These are some of my favorites. Hope you’re enjoying yours!




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  1. Oh have a wonderful time stepping away. I’ll think of some questions…so far you’ve done a great job of covering pertinent questions. Blessings, friend!

  2. My ministry-related question that’s plaguing me relates to this: I founded a single-parent ministry several years ago and just published a book for single moms while working full time. Now I work part-time, but still struggle with the juggling/balancing act. I’ve recently realized that we’ve been running the ministry in a “cart-before-the-horse” mode and have come to a standstill. We don’t have a formal Board and I know this is crucial. God is the one who opened all doors for the ministry, therefore, I know He’ll provide as I step aside and pray for the leaders He wants. I also need to work on 2 more books to follow the one just published, and market, promote, etc. My plaguing question is this: I have lost all my want-to. No passion, fire or vision is left. I was a single mom for 19 years, knowing He called me to this ministry and to write for single moms. I’m 54, remarried to a wonderful man, but have hit a brick wall. I know all the biblical answers, believe, trust and love Jesus to the core, which is why I’m perplexed with this. Help!

    • Terri, I think you’re expressing a problem lots of us run into but few of us express. You’ve given me a lot of food for thought, and I look forward to either answering or finding someone who has a great answer for us!

  3. Evg. Paulette Isaac-Napper says:

    I am trying to use my gift to start a blog etc presence electronicall and not sure where to start just want to start simple and grow. I know God has given me a gift when I speak at events it is well received etc. HELP!

    I understand about R/R and looking to enjoy the same in the fall.

    God Bless & Thanks!

  4. Amy,
    Thank you for inviting our questions!
    My biggest question in speaking is how to discern how much to charge. I
    have been speaking for a few years and am ready to step out onto a bigger
    stage, but I am not sure how much to charge. For example, I LOVE speaking
    to MOPS groups, but they have a very limited budget. Giving my time there
    however takes my time from something else. Do I change more for other
    events (retreats, keynotes, workshops) so I can charge less for MOPS (or
    not at all?) Secondary, do I charge only to cover my costs? How do I
    determine how much my prep time is worth?
    I realize there may not be a set formula, but any advice would be
    I hope you have a restful time off!


    Stephanie Haynes
    Courageous Faith Consultant

    *May God grant you strength to take a courageous step of faith no matter
    how messy it becomes!*

  5. I’m interested in helping women with their body image and relations with food.
    I feel the ‘ thorn in the side’ for women today is the same whether you are 45 lb heavy or 10 lb under.
    The over consuming focus on this is how I want to provide help and hope.
    I have done this presentation for small groups but would like to do it for women retreats.
    Help how do I start?

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