Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Fling Reminder

Just a little reminder so you don’t miss out on our Spring Fling discount. It is only good through Tuesday at midnight.

Here are the details so you won’t have to search through your emails…

All services paid before the 1st will be 10% off with this discount code: SPRINGFLING10, or you can pay full price and receive an additional call FREE (a $115 value)*.

To get your discount, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to the Request Information page, and fill out the form. In the “Other Questions” box, please let me know what service you are registering for.
2. Go to the Menu of Services and pay for the service you’d like. The discount is applied to one service per customer only.
3. I will be in touch to schedule the first call of your service. (I’m spring breaking with my son, but I’ll return all emails on Thursday. We’ll schedule your start at your convenience, but we can begin as early as April 8th.)

The discounts will end at the end of the day on April 1st, so don’t miss out. I look forward to working with you!

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  1. I have experienced the same thing, and been slowly migrating toward using Google+ more. Facebook is slowly burning out for public pages. For social interaction with the 30’s and above generations, it is a great platform for connection – but Google+ is providing a more optimal platform today that Facebook once offered (exposure). Also, considering the social media research I have done, Instagram and Pinterest are the top social media outlets for generations young than the 30+ generation. So we need to simply be aware and diligent about knowing which platforms gain us the most exposure to help get our message out to help others. I see myself actually eliminating my Facebook page in a year or two if things continue like they are – or sooner if they worsen.

    • Great insight, Marni! I’m kind of techie-challenged, so thank you for sharing your research with us. I’m really trying to think through how to use the limited time I have most wisely.

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