Monday, March 13, 2017

The Business of Speaking: Setting Up a Small Business Account

Happy Monday, y’all!

As part of working on the new Next Step website, Melanie and I got together and had photos taken together. Just to give you a peek… This isn’t the best photo of us, but it’s the happiest one. 🙂

We can’t wait to share the finished product with you!

When we were together, Melanie urged me to do a series on the business part of speaking, and I seriously hesitated. I wasn’t sure because I feel so under-qualified, but I decided to do it since I wish someone had shared these things with me.

Each Monday at 2:00 pm Eastern Time until I run out of things to tell you, I’ll be doing a Facebook Live video giving you one step each time to build the business side of your speaking. I’ll embed the video here and include an extra resource or two. You’ll get the most bang from the series if you’ll watch the short videos and subscribe so that you won’t miss any of the free resources.

The first video is about my early journey in setting up my speaking and Next Step as an official business. It turns out that there’s some legal steps and paperwork involved. Who knew?!

Here’s part 1:

If you’re a subscriber, click here to watch in Facebook.

Some additional information about becoming an LLC:

  • Click here to find out more from the US Small Business Administration.
  • Google “becoming an LLC in (fill in the name of your state here)”
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