Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It’s Coming

In case you haven’t noticed, Christmas is coming! (If you’ve been in any retail stores this week, I’m sure you’ve been alerted. Hello? Mid-October?!)

So I’m wondering… are any of you speaking at a Christmas event? It’s often a busy season for speakers, and I pray that God is opening doors for you.

If you’re speaking in December, there’s plenty of time to get ready, and I’d like to propose some coaching to you. Working as a coach is hugely gratifying, because I can flex to meet your needs. Here are a few options for getting ready for your December event:

  • Message Development– If you are creating a brand new message, we could start this six-week service (5 30-minute phone calls) together next week and be finished by the end of November. Message development takes a big task and breaks it into do-able chunks. I’ll love to put my head together with yours to create a fresh message!
  • Message Evaluation– Having another speaker critique one of my messages is the most valuable growing experiences I’ve had as a speaker. I’d love to do it for you! We could do one call where I give you feedback on a recorded/videoed message from the past. It sounds scary, but I promise it’s not. I’ll give you honest feedback (that’s what you pay for, right?), but I’m an encourager at heart who loves to find the strengths in every message.
  • Specialized Speaker Call– Would you love to have an audience before you stand in front of your audience? I can read the message you’ve created and give you written feedback that we’ll discuss in a single phone call.

Maybe you have a specialized need, and you’re not sure if I can help. I’m super honest in my free consultations, and if I can’t help, I’ll give you a referral.

To talk through the options, just fill out the form on the Request Information page. I’ll be back with you quickly to set up a FREE phone consultation to answer any questions about speaker services.

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