Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Openings, One-Sheets, and On a Mission

Happy Thursday, friends! I’m a little late with the post this week since I was in Charlotte celebrating the release of Lysa TerKeurst’s amazing new book Uninvited. I’m going to answer a couple of questions from readers, but make sure to read to the end for a little more info about the excitement of yesterday and directions to a GIVEAWAY.

Question #1: Do you always begin your opening with a personal story?  I know they are extremely effective, but since I am doing 3 different messages for the same group, would opening with a story become too redundant and predictable? 

I usually do open with a story, but rules are made to be broken. 🙂 When I listen to Lysa TerKeurst, who is an incredibly effective speaker in every way, I always laugh because she breaks all the “rules” I put on myself. What I mean is that she doesn’t use a formula, but nobody would argue with the power of her messages.

Following Lysa’s example, I’m trying to become my creative which means that I can’t follow Andy Stanley’s message outline every single time! (You know I love his book Communicating for a Change but still.) Here are my thoughts about messages at a retreat… I would definitely start the first message with a story. That will allow the audience to connect with you right off the bat, but feel free to change things up in the following messages.

Try it and tell us how it goes. I’m cheering for you!

Question #2: I am wondering, as I am mentally planning to come to She Speaks 2017 with a Book Proposal…..  Do Authors proposing books need a One Page for their Publisher Appointments?

I’m truly impressed that you’re planning ahead to summer 2017! Working ahead like this will keep the pre-conference stress level low and position you for your best publisher appointments.

Yes, I’d create both a one sheet and a book proposal. The one sheet  will give you a concise summary of your proposal to give an editor in the appointment, and then you’ll have the complete proposal to send digitally if they ask for it. I’m not positive about this, but from what I’ve heard, most agents and editors aren’t taking full copies of proposals at the conference because of shipping, etc. Double check that advice when you register, though.

An important piece of advice about She Speaks: Registration for She Speaks 2016 was full a month from the time registration opened. It was a record! We also had over 1000 women on the waiting list at the time of the conference. If you are planning to go to 2017, you’ll need to register early. It usually opens late Feb or early March, but you can also usually enter your email on the site in January to get a notification of when registration opens. I hope to see YOU there next year!

Finally, it’s an exciting, exciting week!

Yesterday, Lysa’s new book Uninvited launched which I’m jazzed about for two reasons. First, it’s a truly tranformative book, and Lysa has leveraged her most vulnerable writing for the most powerful change in us. You’ve got to get a copy.

The second reason I’m so excited about the book is that Lysa is giving every cent of the profits to the work of non-profits, including . Our P31 International Initiatives team and I went with Mission India in April to see the work they do through literacy classes, and Lysa is sponsoring ten of these life-changing classes.

from on .

Here are a couple more things to check out as you leave:

Click here to go to my personal blog to enter for a GIVEAWAY of Uninvited.

to watch a video about Mission India’s literacy classes.

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