Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I’m Not Sure You Can Really Help Me


Although I love speaking, I love coaching even more, so when I hear about my former clients’ successes, it’s thrills my soul.

If you’ve been thinking about possibly hiring me as a coach, but you’re on the fence, these stories will give you a little glimpse of how others have experienced coaching.

From Nanette…

The Problem: When I first talked to Nanette, I realized she was an experienced speaker, but she had two issues. She wasn’t sure how to narrow and define her ministry niche. Also, her speaking experience came from the corporate world, and she needed some help on transitioning into faith-based speaking.

The Solution: After talking through Nanette’s experiences and passions, she and I worked together to

  • Create an engaging tagline that described her ministry niche.
  • Develop a “signature message” that allowed her to share from a biblical foundation combined her her personal experience.

The Results:

Here’s what followed in Nanette’s own words (used with her permission)…

Nanette-0007“I had the opportunity in late October to speak (and facilitate) a 90-minute session with an international group of 250+ women representing Dress for Success affiliates around the globe at the organization’s worldwide conference in Charlotte. While it was a secular presentation I was able to incorporate some of what I learned working with you, and to infuse a Christian ‘other-centeredness’ in the information I shared. The feedback I received was extremely positive and the experience was SO rewarding!

That morning I got on my knees and prayed for God to give me composure so that my message could be heard and so the focus would not be on me but on the message. I have to tell you that I have never felt SO calm presenting in my life. It was a real milestone for me personally because God used it to heal me of anxiety around presenting that developed in my last corporate job. I used to love it and came to really fear it. Now I love it once again!

You have given me tools and skills that helped me to create great content and deliver it with confidence. SO grateful to you, Amy!”

~Nanette Kirsch, speaker and blogger at Faith Runner

From Amy B…

Problem: Amy is an accomplished and confident blogger with a year-old podcast. Because she has felt God calling her to speak, she attended She Speaks last year but still felt shaky about standing in front of an audience for the first time. During one conversation about a scripture she had chosen, I realized how much Amy had inside of her if only she had the confidence of a cohesive message in-hand.

The Solution:

Amy worked hard to develop an amazing message around a scripture God had been using in her life, and I gave her guidance about staying focused and organized in her message. She was ready for an opportunity, and the invite to speak at her church’s youth retreat happened the very week we finished her message! We did another coaching service together to brain-storm and polish the messages she created for the retreat.

The Results:

Here’s what Amy shared with me and allowed me to share with you. It sounds like an incredible weekend–starting with a video teaching she created for their Friday night gathering.

amy b“Friday’s session with the varied topics about how God created us, chose us, etc was a near bust when I recorded it with my dog (remember she was in the intro?) and then she kept wanting in and out of the room. I had to edit the video where I was doing that and thought it would ruin everything, but as it turns out the girls LOVED those moments and said it felt very real.

Saturday when I showed up everyone was genuinely excited to have me there–I think it was actually kind of cool for them to see the video of me Friday night and then see me in person the next day.

Saturday morning was the session I was most nervous about and it ended up being the best out of all of them.  I was able to pracitially teach how to remain by read, pray and obey. I had one of the older girls come up to me afterwards and say it was so awesome. She has ADD and she can’t normally pay attention but she did. Many great, deep conversations were started in their small groups after that.

After the weekend, I heard all kinds of wonderful feedback–phenomenal, awesome, etc.

I know so much of that is the Holy Spirit stirring in them as they hear God’s word, but also, I appreciate your help helping me organize it for them to hear it clearly. The interactive stuff on Saturday morning really made the whole weekend.

Thank you again for your help–keep doing what you’re doing.”

~Amy Bennett, Speaker, blogger and host of Feathers podcast

Thanks so much, Nanette and Amy, for letting me know how God is using your gift and allowing me to share here!  If you’d like to do a FREE consultation to talk to me about how I might be able to help your speaking ministry grow, click here to fill out the form. I’ll be back with you as quickly as I can!
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